A Commitment to Sustainability

From the very beginning of our business, we’ve focused on practices which emphasize gardens that thrive. From selecting the right plant, to placing the proper irrigation connection, to pruning to encourage proper growth, our efforts have been directed to developing gardens which are successful without too much work. And being centrally located in San Francisco’s Mission district means we don’t have to travel far to visit our gardens.

"We've had the pleasure of working with JML since 1990 and have always been so pleased with their maintenance of our landscape. We recently decided to completely renovate our yard and went straight to Mike and Janet. In addition to decreasing our water use substantially we now have an enjoyable and restful backyard and a truly welcoming front yard."  — Jane Melnick

Sustainable Business Practices

  • We design, install and maintain our gardens to minimize resource use over the life of the garden while positively benefiting the environment by enhancing carbon exchange and creating safe havens for birds and beneficial insects.
  • Our designs emphasize reuse potential of materials that are already on-site
  • We emphasize proper selection and placement of plants which results in more efficient water use, minimal need for fertilizers and pesticides, and limited debris over the life of the garden.
  • We adhere to and practice integrated pest management, employing least toxic means to keep a garden healthy, including using beneficial insects, good cultural practices and selecting plants which will thrive.
  • We are early adopters of more environmentally friendly products including VOC compliant stains, less toxic pressure treated wood, recycled construction materials.
  • We utilize technology, such as the 'Smart Irrigation Controller' LED fixtures to maximize efficiency of water and electricity use.