Our Story

Janet Moyer Landscaping specializes in the creation of custom residential landscapes that address the unique challenges posed by San Francisco's climate, significant grade changes and architectural constraints. Founded in 1990 by Janet Moyer, JML has designed and installed more than 750 unique and customized gardens in San Francisco's varied terrain.

Today, JML's full-time staff includes designers, installation crews, maintenance crews and operations staff. We take pride in being big enough to provide comprehensive services in-house, while remaining small enough to provide personalized service in all phases of our work.

Employee Owned

"In September of 2015, we implemented our Employee Stock Ownership Program to recognize the excellence of our employees and to develop the next generation of managers for our company," says Executive Vice President Michael Hofman regarding JML's recent restructuring. From the beginning, JML has fostered a company culture in which employees thrive. The ESOP is an addition made to the incentive-based bonus program, giving JML's employees a personal stake in the company's success.

"By providing stock in the company the way we did, we've allowed employees who otherwise might not have had the financial ability to buy into the corporation to now be partial owners, says Hofman. We're so proud to be associated with our fellow owners and look forward to a great future with them."

Janet Moyer


Since 1990, Janet has designed and installed over 750 unique and customized gardens. In addition to specializing in residential design, Janet has also been involved with designing spaces for community gardens, wineries, condominium associations and botanical gardens.
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Michael N. Hofman

Executive Vice President

Michael joined Janet Moyer Landscaping in 1992, after almost twenty years working in information systems. He holds a Master's degree in management and has had extensive experience in managing businesses and organizations.
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