Many years of enjoyment

We design our gardens so that plants have room to grow. As your family grows and your needs change, the effectively designed space will accommodate changes in use. Many of our clients have enjoyed their garden for years, which has helped us to understand how great gardens work.

Do it once, do it right! Gardens change as their use changes. Children don’t stay small forever, and a great garden should grow and develop with the family.

Water Conservation

Conservation of our most precious resource is key. Efficient water use involves garden design, plant choice, regular maintenance and technology. By selecting climate-appropriate plant materials and managing growth with pruning and fertilization, water consumption can be minimized. Utilizing drip irrigation and “Smart” irrigation controllers all but eliminate water waste.

"They filled our garden with drought-tolerant plants that are thriving even with the recently mandated water restrictions. They've created a sustainable and beautiful oasis."

— Stefanie Schneider