Collaborative Design Process

All of the gardens we create are custom designed to meet the unique individual tastes and functional needs of our clients. Our experience with sustainable practices adds long-term value to every design.

Technology compliments nature. Through the use of computer aided design (CAD), we are able to develop plans that allow the homeowner to visualize their design before a shovel touches soil. CAD also provides our installation crews with the highly detailed specifications required to install urban landscapes.

A Commitment to Sustainability

From the very beginning of our business, we’ve focused on practices which emphasize gardens that thrive. From selecting the right plant, to placing the proper irrigation connection, to pruning to encourage proper growth, our efforts have been directed to developing gardens which are successful without too much work. And being centrally located in San Francisco’s Mission district means we don’t have to travel far to visit our gardens.

"We've had the pleasure of working with JML since 1990 and have always been so pleased with their maintenance of our landscape. In addition to decreasing our water use substantially we have an enjoyable and restful backyard and a truly welcoming front yard."

— Jane Melnick

Working with Steep Grades

We transformed this unusable hillside into a livable space with a city wide view by establishing terraces and comfortable stairways. We also incorporated small patios and space for outdoor dining and entertaining.

“Our garden went from being an inhospitable place that was marginally attractive, to a warm and welcoming environment that is usable and beautiful.”

— Jennifer Brokaw

Making the Most of a Small Space

By removing rock and soil, we were able to reduce the height of the retaining wall. This created a cozy entertaining area and made the space safer and more fun for the children.

"Our outdoor space was virtually unusable because it was unsafe for the kids ... Janet and her team created a safe play space for our children and a beautiful viewing garden."

— John Rechsteiner