Curb Appeal

We want you to smile every time you come home! Landscaping adds value to a property, makes it more welcoming and appealing. Why not upgrade the "curb appeal" of your home so you can enjoy it rather than waiting until you leave?

Case Study


  • Uninviting entryway
  • High-maintenance landscape challenged by pedestrian and animal traffic
  • Environmentally unfriendly lawn that requires high water use
  • Lack of sufficient lighting makes night access unappealing and unsafe, with uneven grade leading from sidewalk to front steps


  • Distinctive architectural design highlights entry and frames the house
  • Terracotta tile compliments existing entryway and steps, and enhances curb appeal
  • Raised beds with natural stone veneer allow for easy maintenance and showcase planted annuals 
  • Use of artificial turf dramatically reduces maintenance and water usage while preserving the neighborhood’s aesthetic
  • Strategically-positioned, energy-efficient lighting highlights the landscape and provides a safe path to the entrance of the home