Professional Credentials

We perform all work in accordance with the California Landscape Standards (developed by the California Landscape Contractors Association), conform to construction industry best practices and comply with building permit requirements as necessary. Copies of our workers' compensation and liability insurance policies are available upon request.

EPA WaterSense Program

Janet Moyer Landscaping is affiliated with the Environmental Protection Agency to promote water efficiency. When we save water, it benefits businesses, consumers, communities and the environment.

Professional Organizations

Licences & Certifications

  • California Landscape Contractor License 853919
  • California Pest Control License 36389
  • Certified Arborist WE-4122A — Michael N. Hofman
  • CLCA Certified Water Manager — Michael N. Hofman
  • IA Certified Irrigation Designer 29438 — Michael N. Hofman
  • IA Certified Irrigation Contractor 29438 — Michael N. Hofman
  • IA Certified Irrigation Auditor 294381 — Michael N. Hofman
  • EPA WaterSense Program — Michael N. Hofman