Janet Moyer Landscaping announces Employee Stock Ownership Plan

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 4, 2015 -- Janet Moyer Landscaping (JML), a full-service landscaping company based in San Francisco, has made public its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). "We decided to design and implement our stock gift program to recognize the excellence of our employees and to develop the next generation of managers for our company," says Vice President Michael Hofman regarding JML's recent restructuring.

Focusing on sustainable practices and water conservation, JML specializes in the creation of custom residential landscapes that address the unique challenges posed by San Francisco's climate, significant grade changes and architectural constraints. Janet Moyer and Michael Hofman, a husband and wife duo, founded the company in 1990. JML's staff has since grown to number eighteen full- and part-time employees, and Moyer and Hofman have decided to move towards an employee-owned business model.

From the beginning, JML has fostered a company culture in which employees thrive. The ESOP is another addition made to the incentive-based bonus program, giving JML's employees a personal stake in the company's success. Maintenance Supervisor Caleb Goodwin is an owner, and feels it has been a positive experience. "Not only was it [stock] a compliment for the owners to offer a share of their hard-earned ownership to us, but it actually served the dual purpose of increasing our investment as employees of JML. I believe it's also a smart strategy for retaining highly skilled, committed employees."

Janet Moyer, President, and Michael Hofman, executive Vice President, previously held 100% of company's stock.  So far, they have distributed 40% to employees and plan to distribute more over time. Hofman says, "By providing stock in the company the way we did, we've allowed employees who otherwise might not have had the financial ability to buy into the corporation to now be partial owners. We're so proud to be associated with our fellow owners and look forward to a great future with them."

About Janet Moyer Landscaping

Janet Moyer Landscaping is an award-winning, full-service landscaping company based in San Francisco, CA. It has designed and installed more than 650 unique and customized gardens in San Francisco's varied terrain. For more information, visit www.jmoyerlandscaping.com or call 415-821-3760.

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