Built the way it was designed

A single source for design and installation is the most efficient and hassle-free way to ensure your new landscaping is built the way it was designed. JML installation crews work closely with the designer throughout the install process in order to realize the homeowner's vision.

Unexpected challenges can arise during the installation process. By involving the designer and our maintenance professionals to problem-solve these challenges, the homeowner's dream garden comes to life.

Comprehensive Services

Our gardens are designed with installation and maintenance in mind. Our services cover all areas of landscape construction including demolition, hardscaping, planting, lighting, irrigation and water features.

"I love the design with the spiralling paths and the plants and how the hillside was transformed from an eyesore to an integral part of the picture."

— Sharon Borden

Integrated Changes

Your designer and installation lead are one and the same, closing the loop between design and installation so that details don’t be lost in translation. Our designers are educated, experienced landscape professionals who work with you every step of the way during your garden transformation.