Urban Landscaping

Janet Moyer Landscaping (JML) specializes in the creation of custom residential landscapes that address the unique challenges posed by San Francisco's climate, varied terrain and architectural constraints.

We've been busy.

Since 1990, we've designed and installed more than 750 unique and customized residential gardens in San Francisco's varied terrain. Our gardens span from the formal to the informal, private spaces to public spaces, incorporating personal features including kitchens, hot tubs, structures: all beautiful, all sustainable.

Comprehensive Services

Janet Moyer Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company specializing in the installation and maintenance of beautiful, sustainable and functional urban landscape designs. We work hard to understand our clients’ unique individual needs, minimize surprises and manage the unexpected throughout all phases of our work. ... Learn More

Our name is on the door.

Founded in 1990 by Janet Moyer and Michael Hofman. JML's full-time staff includes office managers, designers, installation crews and maintenance crews. We take pride in being big enough to provide comprehensive services in-house, while remaining small enough to provide personalized service in all phases of our work.